About this course

Jump into an in-depth exploration of training tools and zones tailored for use within a NICA team. Within this course, you will explore various ways to assess training intensity, their pros and cons, and how to apply this to your personal or team training. This knowledge doesn't just apply to training. Understanding and teaching athletes how to utilize simple training tools (including ones with no additional cost to the athlete or team) is a simple way to improve team training time. For example, this can help athletes monitor how hard they are going and help prevent the dreaded bonk mid-way through a ride.

While this course can be taken as a stand-alone learning experience on these topics, it is best taken alongside the other performance track courses. This will enhance the knowledge found in Basic of Training Program Design by allowing you to fine-tune the methods and training zones used within your training plans.

This course is eligible for 1 NICA CEU when completed fully as directed. Our CEU-eligible courses are designed to involve an average of 1 hour of content learning per NICA CEU. 

*Estimated course duration does not include time spent on quizzes, the final exam, or the introduction and course evaluation modules. Please be aware that this time is an approximation and personal completion time may vary depending on internet speed and individual learning style differences.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Endurance Training Tools and Zones!

  • 02

    Measuring Training Intensity

    • Measures of Training Intensity Presentation

    • Endurance Training Tools

    • Training Tools Onesheet

    • Training Tools Quiz

  • 03

    Endurance Training Zones

    • Endurance Training Zones

    • Training Zones Presentation

    • Training Zones Onesheet

    • Training Zones Quiz

  • 04

    Analyzing athlete needs

    • XC Racer - Tools and Zones Application

    • Adventure rider - Tools and Zones Application

    • Application Onesheet

    • Application Quiz

  • 05

    Final Exam

    • Recommendations for the exam

    • Final Exam

  • 06

    End of Course Evaluation

    • You are almost done!

    • End of Course Evaluation

Course Instructor

An avid mountain biker, and former racer, Tim spends much of his leisure time on the trails around Boise, ID. Tim is an Exercise Physiologist who teaches at Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho. In addition to teaching, he also works for the US Speedskating National Olympic team as the Head of Training Sciences in their Sports Science Commission, as well as co-running Coeus Education Systems. Tim is a coach development manager for the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League, as well as a level 3 NICA coach and NICA coach supporter. With over a decade of experience in the field, you can find Tim teaching any of the courses available in the Coeus Performance Track.


Co-founder, Performance Professor