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Basics of Training Program Design is focused around the core ideas and concepts that help build training plans in almost any sport. In this course we will discuss the cycles of building a training program, and how to set up proper goals for a season. For each concept, you will not only learn about it but also see an example training plan built for a hypothetical scenario. This course will not go into the detailed specifics of training zones, drills, or similar sport-specific training design items but it does provide the knowledge needed to step into more detailed training planning.

We strongly recommend taking this course prior to the Endurance Training Design course. This course will provide the essential foundational knowledge for more advanced training design.

This course is eligible for 1 NICA CEU when completed fully as required.

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An avid mountain biker, and former racer, Tim spends much of his leisure time on the trails around Boise, ID. Tim is an Exercise Physiologist who teaches at Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho. In addition to teaching, he also works for the US Speedskating National Olympic team as the Head of Training Sciences in their Sports Science Commission, as well as co-running Coeus Education Systems. Tim is a coach development manager for the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League, as well as a level 3 NICA coach and NICA coach supporter. With over a decade of experience in the field, you can find Tim teaching any of the courses available in the Coeus Performance Track.


Co-founder, Performance Professor