Who are we?

Coeus Education Systems was co-founded by Tim Curry, and Bethany King to meet a clear need among NICA-certified coaches - educational content specifically built to enhance the knowledge of middle school and high school cycling coaches, available at an affordable price. 

Our mission is to create and provide custom-built educational content guided by field experts who not only practice but actively teach the subject matter at a collegiate level. Every course we build is tailored to meet the needs of the learner using proven instructional design. We aim to provide the highest-quality educational content with a focus on real-world application.

Coeus Professors

An avid mountain biker, and former racer, Tim spends much of his leisure time on the trails around Boise, ID. Tim is an Exercise Physiologist who teaches at Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho. In addition to teaching, he also works for the US Speedskating National Olympic team as the Head of Training Sciences in their Sports Science Commission, as well as co-running Coeus Education Systems. Tim is a NICA Level 3 coach, and the assistant head coach with the Boise Brave cycling team. With over a decade of experience in the field, you can find Tim teaching any of the courses available in the Coeus Performance Track.


Co-founder, Performance Professor

Coeus Professors

Mary Ginnetti has been helping individuals and groups achieve their health and fitness goals as a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer since 2010 and is now offering her nutrition services online and teaching as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wyoming. Her nutrition coaching philosophy involves selecting methods of eating that align with the foundational principles of nutrition science as well as the goals, circumstances, genetics, and metabolism of each unique individual. Mary's ultimate objective as a nutrition professional is to help each person create their own customized plan for success!

Mary Ginnetti, MS RD

Nutrition Professor

Business Team

Bethany is Coeus’s behind-the-scenes extraordinaire. From graphic design and editing to marketing and client services, she keeps everything running smoothly. In her early career, she gained more than a decade of experience as a corporate event management professional. She later returned to school to pursue a dual degree track at Boise State University, focusing on Entrepreneurship Management and Marketing. As one of the two founders of Coeus Education Systems, LLC, she identified a need among NICA coaches, and collaborated to develop a solution, refining the educational approach to what you see here today. Just like the rest of the Coeus team, Bethany enjoys staying active, and is a running enthusiast. You can often find her training for half marathons, such as Boise’s Race to Robie Creek, “the toughest half marathon in the Northwest”.

Bethany King

Co-founder, Chief Content Officer, Head of Graphic Design