Upcoming NICA CEU Courses

  • Fueling Protocols for Event Days (1 NICA CEU) - Learn how to design fueling protocols for athletic events, including pre-event, during-event, and post-event meals and snacks. This will also include proper approaches to hydration and electrolyte replenishment.
  • Endurance Training Program Design (2 NICA CEU) - Learn about how to set up a detailed training plan for endurance athletes. This course is an extension of the Basic Program Design courses, and completion of that course first is strongly recommended.
  • Key Facets of Endurance Nutrition (1 NICA CEU) - Learn about foundational information related to eating to optimize athletic performance and recovery. This will include energy metabolism highlights, carbohydrate-loading and carbohydrate-cycling, recovery nutrition, protein requirements for lean body mass optimization in endurance athletes, and calculating nutrient needs for in-season and off-season phases.
  • Providing Augmented Feedback (1 NICA CEU) - Learn about the basic information on the role of feedback in motor learning, the types of feedback available, and the influence feedback can have on motor performance and learning. This course is particularly useful for coaches focused on improving their skills instruction techniques for working with athletes.

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