Upcoming NICA CEU Courses

  • Fueling Strategies for Race Days (1 NICA CEU) - Learn how to design fueling strategies for athletic events, including pre-, intra-, and post-event meals and snacks. This will also include proper approaches to hydration and electrolyte replenishment.
  • Endurance Training Program Design (2 NICA CEU) - Learn about how to set up a detailed training plan for endurance athletes. This course is an extension of the Basic Program Design courses, and completion of that course first is strongly recommended.
  • Skills and Learning (1 NICA CEU) - When working with athletes of varying skill levels, it's important for coaches to understand and recognize different stages of learning. This course will cover the concepts related to performance and learning, specifically identifying the differences between each concept and how to recognize when an athlete has learned the desired skill.