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Key facets of endurance nutrition covers foundational information related to eating to optimize athletic performance and recovery. This will include energy metabolism highlights, carbohydrate-loading and carbohydrate-cycling, recovery nutrition, protein requirements for lean body mass optimization in endurance athletes and calculating nutrient needs for in-season and off-season phases.

This course is eligible for 1 NICA CEU when completed fully as required.

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Instructor Bio:

Mary Ginnetti has been helping individuals and groups achieve their health and fitness goals as a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer since 2010. She teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wyoming and offers her nutrition services online. Her nutrition coaching philosophy involves selecting methods of eating that align with the foundational principles of nutrition science as well as the goals, circumstances, genetics, and metabolism of each unique individual. Mary's ultimate objective as a nutrition professional is to help each person create their own customized plan for success! You can find her teaching any of the courses available in the Coeus Nutrition Track.

Mary Ginnetti, MS RD

Nutrition Professor